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Festivals of September 2019

India celebrates the unity in diversity with so many cultural festivals celebrating all the year around. Janamashtami is among the major festivals that is commonly observed by keeping the fasting and worshipping, believing that Lord Krishna to have been born on this day, according to our Hindu’s tradition. Dahi Handi is the most commonly ritual

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India’s biggest festive season Diwali, with smart shopping

Be a smart shopper in this festive season when we are most lured by the tons of advertisements and marketing campaigning that strikes hard on our sentimental impulses. See how the marketing strategies try to grasp us like the first thing is advertisement with family drama trying to make the emotional fools or creating a

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Ramayana, one of the world ‘s largest ancient Indian epic

Ramayana is one of the largest ancient Indian epic in the world literature comprising 24000 verses that are mostly written in the form of Shlokas/anustups and divided into seven kandas in a sequential manner like Adi / Bal kanda, ayodhya kanda, aranya kanda, kishkindhya kanda, sundara kanda, lanka kanda and uttara kanda and about 500

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