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What makes India, Incredible India

My 2 months blogging journey goes likes this…


Padharo Mahre desh is the tagline here. Rajasthan Rajasthan as the name suggests, Raja ka Sthaan or King’s place is the most colorful state I have ever seen. So, here, we are just not talking about deserts and little water but it’s rich culture, forts and palaces,Camel ride, daal baati churma, ghoomar dance, bandhini fabric

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Darjeeling and Gangtok

Last year, when we visited Darjeeling and Gangtok in Sikkim for the first time, we were really get amazed by the natural beauty of our North Eastern India. What I believe, if human invasion is less in our vast natural resources then they will certainly uphold their aesthetics. Gangtok in Sikkim, lndia A famous hill

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Few years before, when we were staying in Gujarat, I was surprisingly found the place quite different from the rest of India. But, when started to find the reasons then, here the list goes. 1.Most Prosperous State Gujarat being one of the most prosperous state of India, having per capita GDP almost thrice than India’s

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Ten Best places to visit in the most prosperous state of India, Gujarat

Welcome to the most prosperous state of India….

India, fastest-growing trillion-dollar economy in the world

Business opportunities in India

Some Magnificent journeys by Indian Railways

The most dangerous journey through Indian Railways is