Happiness, Meaning of Happiness

Meaning of happiness

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Do happiness really means getting something or everything, achieving some target, earning million dollars, living luxurious life, show-off lifestyle and so on. Do all these materialistic worldly pleasures can truly bring the contentment to your life.

If you say no then what we are really looking for throughout our entire life.

Happiness is like a joy in doing something without being involved in its outcome.


Doing anything out of interest with a target of getting something will automatically vanish the charm of doing it. But practically looking this, in order to sustain this life you can’t seek happiness in your every action.

Now, what can you do is to spare alteast some of your me time daily for your passion and hobbies. This is very important for rebooting and rejuvenating youself.

Spare some me time daily in your best creative way


Once you start enjoying your busy solitude, every moment of life becomes beautiful whether you are alone or in crowd.

Happiness can’t be bought but it can only be earned with a gesture of goodwill for others. Actually we are living in a world where we are expected to give more to this world than to take in return from this society but the vice versa will never keep you mentally peaceful. Here, we go with the bottom line of this article

Do good and forget about it !


Worry, anxiety and stress will take you away from your daily intake of happiness. So, slow down your life once a while and live the moment with yourself only.

The highest form of happiness lies in the Joy of giving !

Thank you my dear readers for going with my words !

Stay happy!

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