Diwali 2020

Let’s make this Diwali happy for someone else too !

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Let’s make this Diwali happy for someone else too!

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And here, we go on the verge of the festive season of this year! So, let’s try to understand that we can do few little things in these hard times.


The year 2020 has brought a big financial losses not only to the economy of the world, but India is also facing the same crisis.

Now, to make the matter worse, it’s not just the declining GDP about which everyone is talking about but it is the massive difference between the rich and the poor that has increased much more in the recent times.

Somehow, rich is becoming richer and poor is becoming more miserable. You know money follows money. Pathetic! So, here are some little things that we can do for the poor to make their life a little better.

In this festive season, let’s take a pledge to buy our essential commodities and the listed desirables for the festive season from the local vendors only and that too without bargain.

Buy from local vendors without bargain please !


Your small act of kindness will not only bring the happiness and prosperity to the poor families but this is also how we could contribute a little towards the progress of the nation.

This is just how a common man like us can give a significant contribution towards our nation. Every little drop of water makes the mighty ocean.

Let’s show the power of togetherness!

Celebrate the festival of lights in the 2020 blues with a spark of goodness!

Happy Diwali 2020

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