Positive Aspects of Pandemic

Know what is good for you in this pandemic!

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Do you know this pandemic has brought something good in your lives.

The first and foremost you have learnt the highest level of adjustments with respect to almost everything surrounding you.

Now, you are enjoying home cooked fresh healthy food and not missing the cravings for junk anymore. Hey! you also discovered a great cook in yourself in past few months. Right? And above of all, you found your health is little better than like never before. That’s why it is said that ‘Ghar ka khana, Ghar ka khana hota hai.’ Always remember, Jaisa Ann waisa Mann!

And secondly, you have overcome your temptations for weekend outings to some extent although missing them sometimes is quite obvious. Weekend outings which were more like a social drama is no more trending these days. But now, people realized the value of pure quality family time and tell me who is not loving this.

Third being, you are now having more time for your favorite recreational activities. Like, If you ask me, I love to write the blogs in my free time because writting is best form of exploring and evolving of oneself. Doing something creative in difficult times keeps your mind occupied with the positivity.

You have found yourself a little more inclined towards spirituality during theses times. Who has not seen that age old repeated telecast of Ramayana and Mahabharata, our rich scriptures again during this pandemic and see, no one was missing that densely populated multiplxes and the worthless weekend movies any more.

Financially, you might have noticed that leaving all the excursions and the extra wasteful expenditures must have relieved you in some way. After all, there is an old saying ‘saving money is equivalent to earning money!’ So, when the world is going through a major financial crisis, you have learnt managing your budget in a smarter way.

Although, children are missing their schools but see, they have realized the importance of home and family in a better way. They are sharing more responsibilities at home and are enjoying quality time with the family. Remember, the values outscore the bookish knowledge practically.

You have found yourself more connected with the mother nature and it’s blessings. After all, nature has just brought the consequences before you in return of all the harm that you have done for it.

So now, you can practically understand better about your relationship with the mother nature. The biggest lesson that nature has taught us in these hard times is

‘You don’t own this World, share this with others.’

Thank God! You are becoming more optimistic with the passage of time, perhaps the best version of yourself because you have no options.

How can you forget, if you are watching the increasing stats of unemployment and poverty day by day then at the same time, endless new opportunities are opening up everyday for everyone. You just need to take the initiative and this world will be yours!

You are now more aware about your physical and mental fitness. See, how yoga, healthy diet and self discipline is uplifting the fitness of a common man. Now, people are less suffering from the common diseases as the world is suffering from the biggest one of it’s time.

In the nut shell, the need of the hour is seeking the joy from the little things around you. Explore every little opportunities coming your way and give it a try!

The world is changing fast and it will never be like before.

Just go with the flow!

Thanks for reading!

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