MY Travel Diary

Do you want to see my travel diary?


Are you seriously craving for some traveling fun?

Well! I started recollecting my traveling memories in a bunches now. I mean earlier people used to make the photo albums but now, in a digital and social world, videos collection, digital photos are more loved by all of us. Am I right?

So, that’s what I am trying to do during theses pandemic times, making my travel diary. We all know that, it’s not safe to travel now a days, but we can definitely fly through our last traveling memories. So, have you made yours traveling diary?

Don’t forget to share with me your beautiful collection of traveling memories! All the comment section is yours.

So, here, I go with my collection……..

In this video collage, I tried to pick up some of the last traveling trips before pandemic started. I tried to cover a few places in all the four directions of India. Oops! Perhaps I missed one regions out of four, which one…… don’t remember…

You let me know which region of India is missing in Video, Northern, Eastern, Western or Southern or none in your comment box.

And also let me know which part of video you liked the most! Well! My favorite one is enjoying garbha dance during Navratris! As I always enjoy the different flavors of Indian culture and traditions. What do you like most about India?

So, here, the video starts…

Hope, you will like my travel diary!

Don’t forget to comment! Always looking forward for your valuable comments, my dear readers!


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  1. You probably don’t want this comment. The video won’t play. My internet should be fast enough, so not sure the problem but thought I’d let you know. Maggie

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