Madhubani paintings:What makes India world famous

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Here, is the madhubani painting painted by my kid.

I always feel fascinated about madhubani paintings. Madhubani paintings are Just the Incredible piece of art form which are highly appreciated around the world.

Madhubani paintings have extra ordinary colours and textures with intricated designing that makes them stand out in the thousands of paintings.

Although Madhubani paintings are ancient forms of Indian art but they are getting modernised today with more beautiful and ethnict textures, colours and designing.

Madhubani paintings are highly demanded among the tourists coming not only from India but around the world.

Madhubani paintings are not only appreciated for traditional and Modern ethnic attires only but also liked as the magnificent wall paintings too!

Love the Indian art and craft! Indian art and craft is the backbone of Indian tourism industry. Right! So, never forget to buy the magnificent pieces of Indian art and craft from your favourite tourist places.

In fact, we are the generation that should carry our Indian traditions and Indian art forms forward to the next coming generations.

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