My three months blogging journey

Here’s about my three months blogging journey


When I started my journey of blogging from the scratch I never knew that it could turn up as my most successful story of the year 2019. Even I have never thought that I would be able to write too much quality content that will bring the enormous confidence and evolution in myself.

Although I was looking for the right platform to express the traveling experiences of my life for a long time but you know everything comes their own way at the right time.

I always found myself a little inclined towards the Indian culture, it’s traditions, the beautiful places and the adorable landscapes that infact makes India uniquely famous around the world. So, here is how my first month blogging evolved me as a blogger.

Although I first started my travel blog writing about Indian culture and traditions that makes India world famous. Then I started shairing the travel experiences of my life to the different places of India.

After getting a good response for my first month blogging when I stepped in the second month of blogging I started realizing that people like your work if you serve the reality with the facts and good content.

And to be very true, My blog is getting about hundreds of viewers daily with the increasing number of followers. Wooah!! So, enough motivation for me to continue after my third month of blogging.

Moreover, above all of them, you have something of your own that defines your identity, and this makes you really feel good about yourself when hundreds or thousands of people there are reading your posts daily.

But, definitely consistent hard work is going to be paid here in the world of blogging and that’s why we refer blogging as no pains no gains. In the third month of blogging I have written some of the longest posts so far.

golden-triangle-tourism-in-india The post is written about the most visited Golden triangle tourism of India with Varanasi that serves as a architectural and cultural hub of India. The cities included in the post are Jaipur, Delhi, Agra and Varanasi. The post is doing pretty well.

top-10-famous-places-to-visit-in-india Here, in this post I tried to cover the 10 most famous and visited places of India that I personally visited too. So, you can go through this link to know the best about India.

best-places-to-visit-in-royal-rajasthan-india Rajasthan is the state of India which receives the massive tourism not only from India but around the world because of its marvelous architecture, rich traditions, royal palaces and historical forts. So, here you can find the best royal places to visit in Rajasthan in India.

most-visited-unesco-world-heritage-sites-of-india Here, in this post I tried to detail about some of the most visited UNESCO World heritage sites of India which I personally visited so far. Hope you will like the blog post!

most-visited-places-in-december-to-celebrate-christmas-and-new-year-eve-in-goa-india Yeah, as we all are going through the last week of December so, I have some planning for you. You can enjoy your season’s break and New Year’s Eve with full fervour in these all time favorite places for everyone.

I also started a category of six word story for my travel blog. Here you can enjoy some of the short short stories that I truly enjoyed the most while writing.

Meanwhile, I am glad to share that I started my second blog also and also the third blog which is the educational blog on which I am currently working upon. As I am professionally a Chemistry lecturer so, my third blog will be obviously a Chemistry blog.

Two days back, I have written my first affiliate post for, which is dealing with the basic amenities during travelling. So, looking forward to do some affiliate work too. Don’t know where not to poke my nose! Hehe..!! After all life is all about trying everything. Right! …Well!! I believe so.

I have a long list of things to do in my bucket list of blogging for the coming year. Let’s see how much I will be able to do at my end.

Hope I will keep learning and evolving with my writing skills.

Season’s Greetings!

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