The city of world famous Golden Temple, Amritsar, India

Don’t get surprised to know that Golden Temple, Amritsar attracts more visitors, around the world than Taj Mahal at Agra.


Welcome to the ‘city of Golden Temple’ which is amongst the most visited places of the world, awarded by the ‘World Book of Records’ (WBR), a London-based organisation.

Don’t get surprised to know that the Golden Temple, Amritsar attracts more visitors, around the world than the iconic Taj Mahal at Agra

Here, let’s us the enjoy the journey to Amritsar, north western city of Punjab state in India. Amritsar is about 28 km away from the border of Pakistan.

Amritsar is world famous for the religious complex, the holiest Gurudwara in India, Harmandir Sahib that means ‘Abode of the Lord’ which is more commonly known as the Golden Temple around the world.

Gold in Golden Temple, Amritsar.

You will be surprised to know that about 500 kg of 24 karat gold was used during the process of renovation of Golden Temple, Amritsar. Wow! Can you think about the cost of Gold used there, in now a times.

Beautiful Architecture of Golden Temple, Amritsar

Golden Temple in Amritsar is an exquisite blend of unique Hindu and Islamic architecture just like Taj Mahal of Agra. The ceiling and the top of the dome of Golden Temple is made up from the pure gold and the enclosure is totally made up from the Gold panels.

Golden Temple, Amritsar has the largest free kitchen in the world

Just Incredible! India has Golden Temple that runs the largest free kitchen which is called as Langar of the world. Can you imagine that about 50,000 meals are served everyday in the Golden Temple and on special occasions like Guru Parb or baisakhi it goes up to 1 lakh. That’s what makes India World famous

The meal is quite simple yet delicious. The donations from the devotees are used by the Langar for serving the food.

Volunteers serve for free in Golden Temple, Amritsar

Volunteers in the Golden Temple, sevadars, serve here for free. Indeed, such a noble piece of work done by the volunteers in today’s world! They actually own the highest respect, who serve selflessly to the society.

All the operations, maintenance of the Golden Temple, it’s complex and the langar, all runs solely through the donation funded by the devotees.

Golden Temple Shrine, Amritsar

Golden Temple Shrine, lies a level lower than the ground. The temple is surrounded by the the pool of holy water which is called Amrit sarovar and is believed to be highly sacred by the devotees.
Earlier the site was declared ideal for the meditation by the Lord Buddha too!

The Golden Temple, Amritsar stays open for 24 hours for all of their visitors and devotees irrespective of any religion, creed and caste. There is a continuous recitation of hymns from the Holy Guru Granth Sahib ji which adds more charm to the Golden Temple complex.

Sitting there even for hours, will keep you away from the materialistic world and that’s the real pleasure for being there in the Golden Temple, Amritsar.

Most popular Food of Amritsar

After your visit to Golden Temple you must try the most famous traditional Amritsari food known as Amritsari kulche which is a maida stuffed bread baked in Tandoor and served generously with ghee and butter. After Amritsari Prasad, the next thing that will take your heart away is Amritsari Kulcha. Just enjoy the delicacy of Amritsar!

What to buy from Amritsar

Don’t forget to take away home, the famous Amritsari papad, special pickles and you can also find the good woolens there.

Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar

Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar is a historic garden and a memorial preserved in the memory of those who get wounded and killed during Jallianwala bagh massacre in 1919.

There is a garden, number of memorials and a gallery inside to visit and to know the historical background behind the scene.

During massacre, all the escape routes are blocked by the army, so, either the people started jumping off the wall or they jumped in to the well. There are the signs which figure out the number to be trolled around 120 bodies that are recovered from the well.

Without prior warning to get disperse, General Dyer started open firing on the public. So, this is the greatest nonviolent struggle in Indian history till date, done by the martyrs against the British denominations.

‘Amar Jyoti’ is seen burning right there in the Jallianwala bagh, Amritsar!

Wagah Border

Wagah Border is now known as Attari border, and also known as Berlin wall of Asia, is basically a village that draws the boundary between India and PakIstan.

It is the only crossing amongst all the borders of India which offers the regular visits to foreigners.

The main attractions of the “Wagah Border┬áCeremony” is to watch the exclusive parade there. The ceremony is basically done to formally close the border Gate at the night and take-off the National Flag of both the nations.

If you are lucky enough to get the chance of visiting wagah border then you need to take the seat an hour before the beginning of ceremony.

The Flag Lowering Ceremony is done daily before the sunset. The highest Indian flagpole is nowhere else but here only.

The whole atmosphere gets filled up with the patriotic vibes. The dances, the patriotic songs and the enthusiastic crowd will make your day!

I remember my last visit to Wagah is just like one of the wonderful memories for me to cherish forever!

You are most welcome here, to share your experiences about Amritsar in Incredible India!


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