Video on the beautiful backwaters of Kerala

Have you ever been to backwaters in Kerala


Backwater in Kerala

Have you enjoyed the backwaters in Kerala?

Hi, here, I take you to the one of the finest harbors of the world! Guess where?

This is Kochi where you can enjoy a backwater cruise through the serene lakes all lined up with the coconut trees on the both sides.

What is best about Kochi backwater is due to its location on the out skirts one canenjoy the local and migratory birds. The most scenic view going through the local villages.

What is most unique about Kochi backwaters is the splendid combination of landscapes and lush green natural beauty because of its location in the outskirts.

You can enjoy the good number of backwater cruises of the state like from Cochin to Alleppey and Kollam.

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  1. A couple years ago, I was in karela, and I fell in love with that place. The back waters are amazing. So, so peaceful! 🌸
    Great post! 👏

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