World Largest Camel Fair, Pushkar in India

Welcome to the place of world’s largest camel fair in Pushkar of India


Yesterday, got a chance to visit Pushkar, the place of world’s largest camel fair in the world. Pushkar, is situated in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan state in the north western region of India with in the beautiful vicinity of Arravali range of hills.

Pushkar is about 15 km away from the city Ajmer and it will take about an hour to reach Pushkar. In between your way you can watch the beautiful Pushkar valley surrounded with Arravali ranges. You can also watch a good number of Langurs in your way to pushkar.

There will be lots of sight scenes and selfie points to make your trip unforgettable.
After reaching pushkar, the first and the foremost thing to do is to hire a local guide to make you familiar with the place.

The local guides will help you in the parking of the vehicle nearest to the visiting places and they are also expert in telling you about the shortcut routes.

Pushkar sarovar or Pushkar lake

Here, you can see a narrow street running towards the Pushkar sarovar or Pushkar lake which in turn more or less will make you resemble it with the streets of Varanasi.

You just get in to the street which is the another entry for the Pushkar Lake. In fact, the locals are very much familiar about the nook and corners of the city.

After entering there, you can enjoy the stories relating to the place as per our Hindu scriptures around the banks of the Pushkar Sarovar.

Pushkar lake is famous for taking the holy dip before visiting the Brahma temple.
There are almost 58 ghats and 500 temples around the banks of holy Pushkar Lake. They all are running under the trusts.

Here, is the video made on the best views of Pushkar lake. Thousands of pilgrims and travellers visit the holy place every year.


Brahma Temple in Pushkar of Rajasthan

Devotees visit to the Brahma temple after taking a holy dip in the Pushkar lake. Brahma temple which is believed to be 2000 years old, is the only temple of creator Lord Brahma in the world which is in Pushkar, due to the curse of his wife Savitri.

The story relating to it as per our Hindu scriptures says that once Lord Brahma made an Yajna arrangement but his wife Savitri could not reach in time. So, He made Gayitri to sit there in place of Goddess Savitri.

That’s why the Brahma temple is cursed for being the only Brahma temple in the world. And no married couple can do any ceremonial rituals here in the temple.

Only the holy men and sages are allowed to perform the daily rituals in the Brahma temple in Pushkar.

What to buy from Pushkar in Rajasthan

The famous things to buy from Pushkar is beaded bangles, fine fabrics, intricate designed camel covers, leather items. The street foods and lodging is also very reasonable in Pushkar.

India is a country where you can find the tourism at a very reasonable rates. So, India earns a heavy revenues from the tourism industry, which in turn is highly contributing towards the Indian economy

Famous Savitri temple in Pushkar

The next thing to be done is to visit the famous Savitri temple which can be visited by taking upstairs or by the ropeway or cable car.

Mostly, Pushkar is famous for hiking activities. So, If you are going through the stairs then just keep an eye on the monkeys around and there are about 500 stairs to go uphill called the Ratnagiri hills.

We decided to visit the temple by the cable car. The choice is entirely yours depending upon the time you have for your touring. Watching the beauty of Pushkar Valley through the glass cabin of cable car is just the treat for the eyes to watch.

Both the idols of Goddess Savitri and Gayitri are there in the temple. So, now you know the story behind the curse given by the first wife of Goddess Savitri to Lord Brahma.

As the temple will get open again by 2 pm, so, meanwhile we had a lunch break.

Here, I made a video on the top view of the valley from the Ratnagiri Hills and it is simply awesome to feel the cool breezy air there.


Pushkar Desert Jeep or Camel Safari

The next interesting things to do in Pushkar is to take a desert Jeep safari or camel safari. It will take about one and a half hour touring through the rural villages of the desert.

You know that Rajasthan comes under as a part of Thar desert, the 18th largest desert region in the world and Pushkar is the first desert city of Thar.

We have taken camel cart ride which will give you a break time of about 20 minutes in between. They will take you through the various sight scenes where Bollywood shootings have been done and also showing you the various farmings of roses, Amla and badi haweli sort of things.

Here, you can enjoy the camel safari, the desert fun.

In the Break time you can enjoy the local Rajasthani folk music in the traditional Rajasthani outfits in the desert. You must go for it and have some memorable pictures to take away home.

There you can also enjoy the desert bike ride. The first thing that comes in mind after listening the word Rajasthan is, desert, isn’t it! So, a must to do during your visit to Pushkar.

Rajasthan is world famous destination for theme Indian weddings . So during the visit of Pushkar Safari, most of the travellers attend the rural marriages and is the perfect time to get dressed up in the typical traditional attires.

We really enjoyed dressing up in the typical traditional Rajasthani outfits and enjoyed the evening folk music with the local villagers


The evening arti at the ghats of Pushkar will take you again towards the blissful evenings of Varanasi. More or less both looks similar in some manner.

During the monsoon season, you can also watch the natural water falls running around in the pushkar valley attracting a heavy local and nearby tourists.

Why Pushkar is world famous

And last but not the least, Pushkar is world famous for the largest pushkar camel fair held during the last of October or early November. There is a heavy trading of animals during the festival.

The men do the trading of animals like camel, horse, cattles and the women do the showcasing of handicrafts, jewellery and local art work. This is the peak season for the tourists to visit here when Pushkar is in its pure vibes with full on folk music and the traditional dancing.

So, if you are able to make out your plan during the Pushkar festival, you are going to watch the largest camel fair in the world. Incredible India!

The pushkar fair goes day and night making the whole valley view more enchanting. So, to get the full allure of the place you must visit during the Pushkar festival.

Hope you will enjoy the post!

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