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Tibetan meditation technique

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Tibetan singing Bowls, that’s what you will surely want to take away home from your visit to Sikkim.

Tibetan singing bowls are used for meditation and healing purpose from the long time. The sound coming out from the Tibetan singing bowls produces the positive vibes to heal the depression, stress disorders and pain.

It is believed that there are enormous benefits of using the meditation bowls. The benefits of the singing meditation bowls includes lowering stress level, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, improves the quality of sleep, deep relaxation and much more.

First to place the bowl in your palm gently but firmly. Then you have to move the accompanying mallet on the outer edges of the bowl by rotating your arm in a circular motion, not wrist.

Here, is the video made during our shopping in Gangtok in the Tibetan handicrafts showroom.

At least give a try.

Hope you will like the video!

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