What makes Goa world famous

Goa is not just famous for their exotic beaches but..


Goa is also known as Las Vegas of India is the most popular destination of sand, sun and beaches. The place where you can find from flea markets, seafoods, trance parties, exotic beaches to local and international fashion Industry. Goa has unique blend of Portuguese and European Culture.

Beaches of Goa in India
Goa is world famous for their pristine beauty of beaches and lush green western ghats running through out the region.

Goa is particularly divided into two parts North Goa and South Goa that are somewhat far from each other but the beauty around will keep you busy throughout. North Goa includes the party beaches high end trance parties or head phones parties and South Goa boasts somewhat relaxing laid-back on the beach shack sort of thing. The choice is entirely yours. After all the exotic Indian Goan beaches makes India /incredible-india/

Beaches include Baga, Candolim, Calangute, Anjuna, Palolem, Colva, Cavelossim, Chapora and many more in the list. You can find the beaches in Goa in every 5 minutes passing by. So, you can imagine the number of beaches in Goa. That’s fantastic!

Water sports in Goa
Water sports in Goa is major tourists attractions across the world because of high number of beaches around.Goa offers the most adventurous and daring water activities through out the year but the monsoon season is little restricted for all the water sports activities in Goa.

In water sports you can find everything from paragliding, parasailing, snorkeling, windsurfing, speed boat and banana boat rides, water scooters, water Skiing to scuba diving.

Christmas Eve in Goa
As mostly ruled by Portuguese, Goa has unique combination of Portuguese and European culture which is revealed in the their inclination towards Catholic Churches. So, Christmas and New Year Eve are the most crowded seasons to visit Goa.

The high time of Christmas Eve is celebrated with great fervour, dance parties, weddings, intensively decorated. So, if you can handle that much crowd then end of December is the best time for you to visit Goa.

Carnival in Goa

If you get the chance to visit Goa in the month of February then you can enjoy the rich culture of Goa in the famous Goa carnival. Carnival in Goa is mostly celebrated by the Christians community although Hindus are too absorbing in the festivity. As highly influenced by the western culture Goans celebrate their cultural heritage in the form of folk music, dances, showcasing their traditional outfits.

World famous casinos in Goa
Gambling in India is legal only in Goa. The famous casinos are Deltin Royale, Casino Paradise, Deltin Jaqk, Casino Carnival, Casino Pearl, Casino Pride. Most of the casinos are running on the cruise ships in Mandovi river. And that’s the reason why Goa is known as Las Vegas of India. Find out /what-makes-india-world-famous/

Cruise ride in Mandovi river is the ride offered by the Goa tourism. Here, you can enjoy the dinner with Goan music, dance or cocktails or enjoy a candlelight dinner also. There are 1 hour and 2 hour river cruises , backwater or a houseboat cruises available to enjoy the Goan culture.

Churches and old Goa
Churches in Goa are regarded as architectural masterpieces and remnants carrying the Portuguese legacy in India.

Mostly labeled Goa as the fun capital of India, it is also known as the ‘Rome of the East’ exclusively due to world famous churches of Goa.

Basilica of Bom Jesus, located in Old Goa, this is one of the oldest churches in the state, visited by millions ,which is declared as a UNESCO World heritage site and exhibits Baroque architecture. Many other famous churches are in the list to visit in Goa. The pictures we take during travelling leave the everlasting impressions on our memories so I always use good DSLR camera

Spice plantation

Yes, besides Kerala, Goa is the another name for finding the different aroma of spices. Spice Plantation in Goa is one of the most amazing chances of getting close to nature. You can get the fun-filled guided spice plantation trip along with friends and family to enjoy the lifetime experience.

Dolphins spotting
While going for a banana ride you can also go midway of ocean and enjoy the dolphins jumping out of water. Spotting dolphins is also at reasonable price that you must try.

As lush green western ghats are surrounded all around in Goa so you can definitely expect the wild life sanctuaries in Goa such as Bondla, Cotigao and Netravali wildlife sanctuaries. Goa offers a nostalgic views of flora and fauna.

Exploring Goa by bike
One thing you can’t miss out is exploring Goa by renting a bike which is easily available by Goa tourism. The experience of watching Goa with bike riding will take you to some another world.

Big Foot in Goa
Ancestral Goa is also known as Big Foot dedicating to the impressions of a persons feet in the ground which local Goans believed to be Holy impressions by a man meditating on the rock and who finally abode to heaven. The different Pieces of Goan culture and heritage are showcased there beautifully.

Handicrafts of Goa includes the articles made from coconut husks, palm leaves, brass and wood carvings and seashell handicrafts are the most tempting to buy as a token of memories of Goa. For more interesting articles on handicrafts you can visit the /indian-art-and-craft/

Tattooing in Goa is very common whether you are going to have temporary or permanent tattooing. But never miss a chance to push out that hippy outside of you whenever you are in Goa.

After exhausting partying all day and night at the happening beaches of Goa, it is time to pamper yourself in the Yoga retreat centres of Goa. Yoga retreat center withdraws the healing powers of Mother Nature. You definitely need to go for this one. You can also find here some interesting facts related to Yoga

Shopping in Goa
Goa, the combination of sand, sun and beaches is also world famous for its shopping delight. From Goan cashew nuts, huge varieties of spices with varied aroma, art and craft specially seashell handicrafts, Goan music, wooden carvings to beautiful painted tiles all will make you feel tempted to shop.

So, Goa is a place to enjoy the most chilling party life or you can slow down the time in Goa just by relaxing and watching the serenity around. Goa is the type of place where you can spend two days or two months and still never want to get back home.

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