What makes India World Famous

India is world famous for


Despite of vivid culture and traditions, rich literature, so many spoken languages India celebrates unity in diversity. The most Interesting features that makes you feel proud of being Indian and that makes India world famous may be listed as:

1.India is the second largest English speaking nation in the world
Next to US with Approximately 10% Of our Nation India fluent in speaking English and this data is expected to become four times in next 10 years.

2.India is the largest milk producers in the world
India is the largest milk producing country in the world reaching over 155.5 million tonnes in 2015. Unbelievable!

3.Varanasi the most ancient city
Varanasi or Banaras is known to be the most ancient inhabitated places in the world believed to be 3000 years old. Situated near the banks of holy river Ganga, world famous for Ganga Ghats, and also Our respected Prime Minister Narender Modi represented the place in the parliament. Visit my post Varanasi http://indiastravelling.com for more interesting facts about Varanasi.

4.Mawsynram receives highest rainfall in India
Yes, India has made a Guinness World record for Mawsynram In Meghalaya for receiving the highest average annual rainfall approximately 11873 mm. Mawsynram in Meghalaya is in the proximity of Bay of Bengal.

5.Maximum number of vegetarian people in India
Believe it or not, India has the highest number of vegetarian people around 29% to 40% , majority of Hindu population following Hinduism.

6.Maximum number of Cricket grounds in India
India has not the high number of cricket fans but also has largest number of cricket grounds in the world So, the next Guinness world record for the highest cricket ground goes to Chail, Himachal Pradesh which is about 2144 m above sea level. Remember! the Cricket World Cup fever in India will just make you crazy.

7.World’s most visiting place
According to the World Book of Records, the Golden Temple of Amritsar is the most visited places in the world. Almost over one lakh devotees visiting at the shrine every single day. Wow! that’s really gives a proud feeling to Indians.

8.Introduced Yoga to the World
India is the first one to introduce Yoga by an Indian sage called Swami Vivekanada, who demonstrated Yoga postures at a World Fair in Chicago in the 1890s. The International Day Yoga was first proposed by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), on 27 September https://travel-44.com/yoga/ for the different poses of Yoga that the world is following .

9. 35 World Heritage sites
There are 35 World Heritage Sites in India that are recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). These are considered to be of immense cultural and natural importance in the world.

10.Indian Cuisine
Indian cuisine is world famous for their flavours and you would not believe it there are more than 300 restaurants that serve Indian cuisine https://travel-44.com/indian-cuisine from across the subcontinent in New York City alone.

The list is so long, am going to make the next blog post soon discussing the rest of the India’s world’s famous facts. After all we are talking about Incredible India. Right!

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