10 ways how Google helps the travel blogs

Can we even think of traveling anywhere without Google.

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More or less everyone is travelling with Google everytime and has leaving an everlasting remark in our lives and this inspired me to write this post.

Can we think of moving or traveling anywhere without Google. See, how Google has changed our lives completely.

There was a time when we were using encyclopedia to explore something but now we are living in a era of Google.

Google has become so normal that it has become verb in itself “Google it” But in just about 19 years , after the widening occupancy of corporate sector, Google is flourishing with it’s wide application

1. Google Search Engine
Google Search index contains almost 130 trillion sources of pages, a massive information available just on the click of fingers. Just Wow!

2. G Mail
G Mail when once launched was to offer a inbox space of 1GB that has extended to 15GB now and how can we forget that yahoo mail and hotmail were the first to compete with G Mail.

3. You Tube
World’s largest free video hosting and streaming service with world wide viewers consuming over 3.25 billion hours, each month.

4. Android operating system
Most popular operating system in the world overtaking even Microsoft Windows and beating the competition with IOS, Mac or Linux.

5. Google Docs
Google Docs become the first productivity suite , collaborating with different users and help us in the migration of the files completely online overtaking the world wide users of Microsoft office, excel, PowerPoint.

6. Google Maps
World’s most trusted and accurate navigation tools is empowered by Google Maps and everyone of us is lead by Google Maps from anywhere in the world. Fantastic! Even Ola and Uber all are moving through the Google Maps.

7. Google Analytics
21st century is striving hard for information and Google Analytics is the first one in the internet to generate the online business based completely on data analysis.

8. Free internet at Indian Railway Stations
Indian Railways made a partnership in January 2016 with Google to provide free access high speed Wi-Fi in the 140 stations around the country.

9.Self driving cars with Google
Most probably the first self car will be driven by Google, in our upcoming future maybe Waymo.

10.Google’s artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence and machine learning by Google could be your household name. It will be responsible for the AI alpha go that will beat the world’s top Chinese Go player.

Google Doodle is an interesting product of Google that appears temporarily on special occasions or in case of holidays in place of Google’s permanent logo on the homepage.The first-ever Google Doodle was made in honor of the Burning Man Festival of 1998.

See, how much we are sharing our lives with Google every now and then.

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