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Yes, I know, I may invite the controversies to my post but a writer should think of above all. But if you go through the whole post, you may understand the reason of writing the post.

In today’s scenerrio, when traveling has mostly become the way of flaunting off the class, money, the ultramodern attires to the society, we are somehow disconnecting ourselves with the purpose of traveling out to the famous places watching the splendid arts of architectures.

Either one being passionate traveller or one sparing out some time for excursion or the third being like us, whose family have job restrictions to move on to different places to explore new life.

The entire motto is to feel that internal connection, with the nature like we feel doing yoga , people around us, their culture and with our valuable natural resources.

The most precious things in life are surely free of cost. See, if we are not able to link them all, then what is the use of coming out of our homes.

So, firstly we should start appreciating the small yet beautiful things around us just like watching the life outside the window while the journey on the rail.

Yes, we are missing, the most adorable moments of our life to be captured from our eyes and not just with DSLR cameras alone and that close bonding with nature needs a proximity with a day to day life.

We can’t think of traveling and touring every now and then to relax. Do the blessings of nature should come only once or twice a year to get appreciated.

The sunrise, the dusk , the cool morning breeze like the beaches of Goa , changing colors of sky, like Taj in twilight , new moon every night, millions of stars gazing at us, and much more, all needs to be noticed everyday as they are our true companions for life like the books

In fact, we are running besides nothing as the real pleasure of the life is missing.

See, the sunset here, isn’t this so beautiful.Can we spare our few valuable moments daily for these small recreations. Like, most of the incredible places when we visit, we spend money to watch the sunset views, right!

Let’s watch sunsets once in a while from our nearby surroundings too that makes us realize that nothing in life is permanent as said in our valuable scriptures too.

As it going towards darkness and that too also slowly fades away bringing back the light with the sunrise.

With each sunrise, new hopes, new energy and a new day comes but Sunsets brings the patience to wait for the light to come and slowly settling our pace with the darkness.

And that’s how we will certainly develop the love for our Nature beyond any limitations.

The nature has its own ways of reflecting it’s beauty and truth. So, let’s get bonded and feel connected with the real and everlasting charms like, limitless possibilities of sky, flowing rivers continously, lively greens all around like the Himalayas in India, the hills and the trees standing for years and years and have no complaints at all.

Let’s learn something from them,start praising the ups and downs of life and feeling grateful for everything that has been given to us.

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