My first month blogging journey

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Started my blogging world last month and with the one month old blog , the new experiences are coming every day. Learning and experience comes everyday as long as as you live. Right!

Basically, after for being a long time in teaching, as a postgraduate Chemistry teacher, I have a long experience of teaching and learning as well , as both goes side by side in every phase of life. And as for now, being involved in the world of blogging, I must say that one should definitely be fond of writing. That’s the first thing that attracts you towards blogging. What do you say?

So, first to mention here, I started my blogging from the scratch, knowing nothing about blogging and looking for a right platform to express ourselves and also serving to the society in some way through our writing. Firstly I started shairing about the traveling experiences of my life to different places.

1. /jaipur/





6. /banaras/

Then after publishing these posts, started wondering for whom we are writing here, if we are not having enough readers that a new blog should have. Meanwhile, also joined as amazon affliate that mostly bloggers do.



Afterwards, started looking for the marketing strategies that one should look for promoting their blogs. That crucial time inspired me to start the second category of my blog by helping someone in someway which is related to marketing strategies.

1. /indias-biggest-festive-season-with-smart-shopping/


3. /blogging-and-social-media/

The third category that I started which I m really fond of, is specifically about the theme on Incredible India, the most unique features and the criteria that makes India, my country world famous, So, here some posts goes like this.

1. /ramayana-indias-largest-epic/

2. /indian-cuisine-with-10-healthy-super-foods/

3. /yoga/

4. /what-makes-india-world-famous/

5. /essence-of-18-chapters-of-bhagwat-geeta/

6. /festivals-of-september

Being a Science student, strongly influenced by the Science and technology and their effects, that leads me to start the next category of my travel blog

1. /plastic-pollution/

2. /nature/

the post related to the latest plastics and their increasing pollution imparting a global problem .Many more posts are in my bucket list .

Now, going with the second month of blogging and enjoying a lot about my work irrespective of my viewership, stats, earning and all. Although, I can mention here that for the first month, I have all the above mentioned parameters going in a good deal.

All the best wishes for the upcoming bloggers!

Thanks to all my followers and readers for believing in me. Thanks to the wordpress for providing us the writing platform.

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