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Here, is about Big fat Indian Marriages


Every Indian wedding reflects the culture of the country. This means, attending a wedding in India is like discovering a niche of the country which varies from traditional food to attires to rituals.
An average wedding in India can cost between Rs 5 lakh to Rs 5 crore! This is just the cost of an average Indian wedding. According to an estimate, there are around 1,00,00,000 weddings in a year in India.

The wedding market size is Rs 100,000 crore, clocking an exponential annual growth of 25-30 per cent according to a survey on the Indian wedding market in 2018 by

North India leads the highest to spend with 18.6 per cent on wedding extravaganza followed by the south (12 per cent), west (11.1 per cent), and east coming in at 10.9 per cent.(source : millennium post)

There are the Most Expensive Indian Weddings in India that has become the topic for discussion in Media for a long time.

Now, the first Question that comes in mind that why some Indian weddings are often referred as big fat Marriages. Let’s try to find out some reasons :

  1. Hiring of Mega venues
    Hiring of Lavish Locations for the wedding venues like Stadiums, Forts, palaces is becoming common in India. Only you need for these kinds of Marriages is just fat money. Examples are there for the famous Indian Bollywood or Sports celebrities and Big business tycoons.

2. Decorations
Decorations of these kinds of Mega Venues requires high investments. As you know more big open places needs more money to get the set up.

3. Invitation Cards
Here, the invitation cards goes for more than your imaginations. Don’t get surprised to know that more than 5000 people are going to attend these Grand Marriages. The invitation cards are not just a piece of paper but invitations cards embossed with diamonds and precious stones.

4. Food In Indian Marriages
Royal food on these big Marriages is also a big deal. Feeding more than 5000 people lavishly is just not a fun. It requires a huge amount of money. Here, I written about the Indian cuisine /indian-cuisine-with-10-healthy-super-foods/

5. Jewellery
Jewellery is another big extravaganza in Indian Marriages. In south Indian Marriages investment on gold is heavily done to cover the bridal completely with gold. Surprisingly true!

All these need a huge fat money investment.
Although Indian Marriages are becoming a big money game but still attending Indian Marriages is just a treat for the eyes to watch.

A Hindu Marriage is particularly about the Indian customs and rituals performed during the ceremony. The rituals include Kanyadaan, tying Mangalsutra, seven vows, solah shingar done by bride, wedding Barat. Indian Marriages are famous for being extraordinarily colourful and lively.

One definitely needs to attend the Indian Marriage once if you want to see the Indian culture by a little closer.

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  1. No doubt, nice post but I find no positive message for such a lavishly spending people. Is it really required? Think of other people who even don’t get a one time meal for which they have to struggle a lot. Think of the food being wasted on such functions? Why not switch on to court marriages and donate money or material to NGOs for the betterment of humanity? Thanks!

    1. Yes, the post is reflecting the same message indirectly. But, of course, when we are talking about Indian traditions and culture then court marriages are not the option to captivate that feeling of rich Indian traditions. Money donations can definitely be done on so many occasions around the year, why just for marriages. I highly recommend budget friendly marriages so that we can carry forward our rich culture too.

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