Indian Saree a global fame

Indian handlooms and embroidery sectors carrying Indian culture and heritage


The Saree has gained the fame globally specifically due to the evolution of Indian fashion Industry in the international market. /what-makes-india-world-famous/ India is world wide famous for its Indian food /indian-cuisine-with-10-healthy-super-foods/

and ethnic wear Traditionally, Saree made an impact in the United States in the 1970’s .

Indian saree, the 5 – 9 yards of fabric, is the most adorable Indian traditional attire worn exclusively all over the country. The word is evolved from the word sattika mentioned in our Hindu, Jain and Buddhist literature.

You can find a numerous varieties of Sarees in India depending upon the culture and weaving style of fabric. Here, we can have a brief of some exclusive varieties of Sarees which are world famous :

1.Bandhani Sarees
Bandhani Sarees are handmade sarees by the weavers of Rajasthan and Gujarat.Here I have written , after visiting Gujarat what you need to do the first , definitely don’t forget to buy Bandhani Saree /ten-best-places-to-visit-in-gujarat/ They are made by tying and dying of the fabric. The different methods of tying and dying will result in to different patterns and designs on the fabric.

  1. Banarsi Sarees
    Banarsi Saree is originated from Banaras City. Banarasi silk is world wide famous for their designs that exhibit mughal patterns. Banarsi Saree styles in pure silk, organza with zari work or in Georgette fabric. Banarsi Saree is best regarded as the wedding Saree.

3. Kanjeeevaram Sarees
Kanjeevaram Indian sarees are originated from Tamil Nadu, specifically famous for their unique tribal designs. Now, even the contemporary designs and also in vogue.They are wooven with colourful threads and zari work.

4. Cotton sarees
Crisp cotton sarees are very popular in the metropolitan cities. They are famous of their high elegance and high maintenance required. Among cotton stares, distinctive varieties include jamdani, tant, baluchari with varied styles of batik work, bandhani, block printing or hand made drawings.

5. Printed chiffon sarees
Chiffon sarees are delicate, light in weight, easy to maintain, durable and available in large range of colours.
Mysore silk sarees, embroidered sarees are also in the list in famous ethnic Indian wear.
You can wear Indian Saree in more than 100 styles but the most commonly known in India are Gujarati style, Bangali style, Maharashtrian Way, Tamilian style.

Now, coming to the point, Indian Saree supports millions of handloom weavers in India. We need to support the handloom and embroidery sector in India as they are like a family carrying forward Indian culture and heritage. What do you say about this?

Indian handlooms hold a major chunk in the handwoven fabric, 95% in the world.

Several handloom sectors like Chanderi, Ikat, Banarasi, Kanjivaram, Paithani, Zamadani etc. have got a lot of appreciation. Handprints like Kalamkari, Bandhani, Ajrak and Batik too have been revived.

The objective was defined by Prime Minister Narendra Modi , โ€œFarm to fibre, fibre to factory, factory to fashion, and fashion to foreign exports.”

Here, is no doubt now, that why Indian Saree is influencing the fashion designers across the globe.

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