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Finest of Indian architecture


India boasts a diversity in culture and heritage. The most adorable architectural diversity covers from caves, temples and mosques to palaces and stupas, that, not only attracts the Indian tourists but foreign tourists also.

Hindu temple architecture and Indo-Islamic architecture are the most adorable Indian piece of architecture all the world.

Mughal architecture is regarded as the apex of Indo-Islamic architecture, with the Taj Mahal being regarded as the highest form of creation and world renowned architecture.

Indus Valley civilization covers larger area including HarappaLothal, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Mohenjo-daro

Gupta period represents Indian rock cut architecture with splendid art work in Ajanta, Elephanta and Ellora caves.

Britain’s legacy reminds in famous buildings and infrastructure like India Gate, Gateway of India, Victoria Memorial and many more.

Republic India has impressive architecture with famous infrastructures of Indian Institutes IIT Delhi, IIT Mumbai, Lotus Temple etc

The world famous Indian Temples are known for their intricate designing and well planned infrastructures made by India.

The intricate designing and carvings made on the marble and stones are the treat for the eyes to watch and attract the major tourists around the world as well as India.

Other major tourists attractions include Golden Temple Amritsar, the entire top of the temple is made  of pure gold, adding to the beauty of the Golden Temple.

Among the other historical places includes Qutub Minar, the highest being 73 meters hight. The Qutub Minar at Delhi is the tallest brick minaret and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

India has finest art works of architecture definitely making India, /incredible-india/

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