What makes India, Incredible India

My 2 months blogging journey goes likes this…


Welcome to Incredible India!

This is the first line that I have posted in my blog post for the first time!

But today after 2 months of blogging, here, is a glimpse of some of my articles published belonging to my homeland.

India has very rich culture and heritage. There is a huge diversity in culture traditions, foods, clothes and much more still India celebrates unity in diversity.

Indian Cuisine

India is world famous for their exotic Indian flavours and aroma of spices that makes the Indian cuisine a delight to have. /indian-cuisine-with-10-healthy-super-foods/

Not only for cuisine but India is entirely famous for its unique art and craft work all over the world /indian-art-and-craft/ So, the post entirely projecting the upliftment of our Indian handicrafts, handsome and art and craft work.

Indian festivals

Indian Festivals are the lifelines of India. India celebrates the festivities with a huge fervour like the 5 day biggest festival of /diwali/ , Holi, Durga puja, Janamashtami and many more.

Ancient Indian epics

We are living in a nation of largest ancient Indian epics /ramayana-indias-largest-epic/ and /essence-of-18-chapters-of-bhagwat-geeta/ The epics has been giving us a deep insight of spiritual knowledge through the ages. They are not mythologies but they are the scriptures that we live.


Yoga is originated from India itself. Traditional yoga and methodology given to the world by India is a age old practice done by our ancient ancestors/yoga/

Some of the magnificent journeys by Indian Railways

A wide network of Indian Railways offering you some of the best train journeys to make your trip unforgettable in India /some-magnificent-journeys-by-indian-railways/

You must have experienced the pleasure of travelling in the train specially everyone of us must be having the delightful memories of childhood while travelling through trains.

Indian Architecture

Indian Architecture is the backbone of Indian tourism. India receives maximum domestic as well as international tourism to visit the splendid arts of architectures.

Amongst the architecture there are everything from the rich Mughal Period’s Forts, to the intricate designing and carvings on our ancient temples.

Indian Traditional attires

Indian Traditional attires are appreciated not only in India but also in every nook and corners of the world specifically indian-saree-a-global-fame

Indian Economy is growing up in the world with a high GDP growth. India is competeting as a one of the highest developing countries in the world /india-fastest-growing-trillion-dollar-economy-in-the-world/

Indian weddings

Indian weddings are the most Adorable moments to cherish the Indian culture and traditions. indian-weddings are the mostly celebrated all over India with a great fervour and enthusiasm.

If you really want to look the Indian traditions from a little closer then Indian weddings are the perfect place to watch and enjoy.

There is much more in the list that makes India in the world as Incredible India /what-makes-india-world-famous/

Famous visiting places

Besides these the famous visiting places in India includes a long list but some of my my journey trips I have shared with you people are down listed here. You visit the related articles and let me know, if you have been there earlier then what you liked most about them.

/jaipur/ ,

/darjeeling-and-gangtok/ ,

/videos-on-gangtok-and-darjeeling/ ,

/gujarat/ ,




Himalayas and much more to be added in the list very soon.

Now, you can understand the diversity in traditions, rich culture and heritage not only makes India Incredible but world famous and yes amazing too!!

I also detailed about my first month blogging journey which was also very exciting and learning.

Feeling very happy after 2 months of blogging journey. Hope the time and experience will add more value to my blog!

Thank you Readers !

Hope you will enjoy the post!