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Few years before, when we were staying in Gujarat, I was surprisingly found the place quite different from the rest of India. But, when started to find the reasons then, here the list goes.

1.Most Prosperous State
Gujarat being one of the most prosperous state of India, having per capita GDP almost thrice than India’s average, that’s not only the most interesting part of Gujarat but also make us feel proud. Incredible India

2. Jewel of the West
Gujarat also known as the ‘jewels of the west’ has the highest number of vegetarian people as compared to any other state in India.

3. Safest city
Gujarat is the safest state and having the least crime against the women among all other states of India and you can feel the difference, specially if you belong to Northern India.

4. Largest oil refinery
World’s largest grass roots refinery also belongs to Gujarat and is present in Jamnagar which is operated by Reliance India Limited that is founded by Dhirubhai Ambani.

5.Richest city of India
Surat in Gujarat is the richest city of India even ahead of Bangalore and is also known as the diamond city of the world and is a hub for cutting and polishing diamond.

6.Majority of Indian Americans
Let’s come to most interesting part of Gujarat that every five Indian American is Gujarati and Gujaratis own thousands of hotels and motels in US.

7.100% Electrical network
Gujarat has cent percent electrical connectivity throughout the state covering all villages and cities.

8. Longest sea shore Gujarat has the longest sea shore area as compared to any other states in India, amazing! That’s why you go anywhere in Gujarat you will find a beach nearby.

9.Asiatic lions
Gujarat is the only present natural habitat of Asiatic lions and also Asia’s biggest milk dairy is also in Gujarat.


The most adorable thing about Gujarat are the roads, not only the national highways but 100% connectivity of villages with well built roads.

The world’s highest statue called ‘Statue of Unity’ of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel inaugurated by Prime Minister Narender Modi is also present in Gujarat. For more interesting articles you can have kindle

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Now, we know why we need to visit Gujarat atleast once and in the next post will be outlining the best places to visit in Gujarat, their culture, traditions and values. Coming soon with our experiences of visiting different places in Gujarat.

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