Goddess of Wealth

What to do to attract Goddess Lakshmi


According to Hinduism, on Dhanteras, Goddess Lakshmi , the Goddess of wealth, is worshiped to provide health, prosperity and well being. Dhanteras is also the day for celebrating wealth, as the word ‘Dhan’ generally means wealth and ‘Tera’ comes from the date 13th of the Krishna paksha (the dark fortnight)

Remember always facing towards North while doing Diwali pujan at work place is considered as auspicious. According to Directions in Vastu Shastra, North is the direction of money and new opportunities. Facing that direction at work place helps you attract more of that in your business.

On the auspicious day of Dhantrayodashi, one should buy the broom which symbolizes that purchasing broomstick (Jhadu) removes poverty from the house. It is an old age tradition to buy utensils during Dhanteras. You can even buy a spoon or a bowl.

On the special occasion of Diwali, gifting Lord Ganesh or a Lakshmi idol to someone is not considered as auspicious. If you gift Lord Ganesh idol to someone, it is believed that the peace of house gets broken. As per Vastu, it is said that you should give gifts to your relatives on the occasion of Diwali. /best-shopping-tips-for-the-smart-shoppers/

The Laxmi feet (Charan Paduka) should face inside the house and should be kept at your place of worship.

It is believed that the goddess of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi, lord Vishnu’s wife, visits her devotees and bestows her blessings upon them. To get the blessings of the Goddess, devotees clean their houses, decorate them with lights, and prepare sweet delicacies as offerings.

Happy Dhanteras to all of my readers!!

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