Festivals of September 2019

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India celebrates the unity in diversity with so many cultural festivals celebrating all the year around.

Janamashtami is among the major festivals that is commonly observed by keeping the fasting and worshipping, believing that Lord Krishna to have been born on this day, according to our Hindu’s tradition. Dahi Handi is the most commonly ritual observed. Mathura, Vrindavan, and Gokul are most crowded with their flying colors.

Here, is the beautiful Lord Krishna at the home.

Next, being Ganesh Chaturthi, is the celebration time for Lord Ganesha! During Ganeshotsav, chanting of vedic hymns, prayers are done and on the last eleventh day immersion of the idol is done.

These are the pics of this year’s Ganesh Visarjan, we have done in our Society. To avoid the immersion in the water bodies, people are now becoming more aware of the environment and we started the  Visarjan in our Society itself.

The last week of September commences with Durga puja or Navratri and one of my favorite festivities that goes with fasting and Devi puja for nine days. Kanya Puja is done on the last day of Navratri though we should do it all the year around. 

In Gujarat, Garbha is the major attractions  and here, we really enjoyed Garba during our stay in Gujarat.

Where as in eastern India, huge number of puja pandals are set up with amazing decorations.Kolkata being in its most exciting state revealing it’s most expensive pandals. Here, I posted few pics revealing the 

Beautiful pandals in Jamshedpur during our last year’s visit. This year,we are excited to see something new.

On the last day of Puja, Idol is immersed.

Moharram , Onam and many more are  also there in the festivities.

Now,  the October is on the way with its vibrant colors. 

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