The Most ancient living city of the world, Varanasi in India

Welcome to the home of world’s most ancient living city, Varanasi


You are welcome to the most ancient living city of the world, Varanasi. Varanasi is the third most popular choice for foreign tourists after Agra and Sarnath.

Varanasi or Banaras or Kashi is the most often referred as ‘the holy city of India’ or ‘the city of temples’ or the city of lights or learning is the first stop destination for domestic as well international tourism.

Varanasi is the name originated from the combination of two words, varuna + asi which are the two tributaries of the river Ganga.

The city is carrying forward the Indian Culture and heritage through the ages. So, you will find a unique blend of a religious hub and major trading center. You can find more interesting information about what makes India World famous

You will find a huge number of foreigners and Indians who have Permanently settled down in Varanasi.

The civilization of Varanasi

The civilization of Varanasi is believed to be 5000 years old but the evidence goes for 3000 years. Still we are a part of most ancient living civilization in the world.

The city is a unique fusion of pure Spiritual vibes and also commercializing with the modifications of modernisation.

The last breath in Varanasi

It is considered to be highly sacred to have the last breath in Varanasi to get the final accomplishment or Moksha forever.

Most of the travellers who visit Varanasi once, they don’t want to go back and start staying there till their last breath. This is the real wealth and charm of the city. Am I right!

The city of ghats, Varanasi

You must have heard about the ghats of Varanasi but might be you are not knowing that Varanasi is the only place on the earth that has 87 astonishing number of ghats spreading all over the city along the banks of the holy river Ganga.

That’s most adorable thing about Varanasi which is the foremost attractions for the tourists across the world. You can also find here some interesting information about what makes India incredible. Varanasi is believed to be the city of Shiva and Parvati.

The streets of Varanasi

Coming to the most charming part of Varanasi are the narrow streets that will surely make you feel lost in the city but sooner and later you will adjoin along the ghats of Ganga or the main street.

Boat ride in Varanasi

Boat ride in Varanasi will give you the never forgetting serene experience of traveling across all the ghats.

While boating you can watch the celebration of life on one of the ghats and cremation going on another day.

This will give you a deep insight of spiritual journey. Long boats are available during sunrise and sunset for an hour to enjoy the boating in the river Ganga.

Watching the beauty of ghats in Varanasi with a boat ride will be the most mesmerizing experience for you. Must to do while you are visiting Varanasi.

Street foods of Varanasi

Amongst the most famous street foods of Varanasi Baati Chokha, a traditional delicacy from Bihar is the tasty street snack.

Malaiyyo is one of the popular winter season street dessert in Varanasi. Banarasi Thandai is famous for its refreshing taste across all over India. And how can you miss Banarasi paan in Banaras.

The city of light

The reason why Varanasi is called as the city of light is because first Siva Jyotirlinga emanated from the earth in the Varanasi itself.

Moreover Varanasi or Kashi is the land of temples like the famous Kashi VishwanathTemple, so also called as spiritual capital of India.

What to take away home from Varanasi

The first thing is the to take away home the sacred Ganga water from the Varanasi that most of the devotees do.

Secondly, buying Banarasi saree is the next must to do while you are visiting Varanasi.

Banarasi sarees are world renowned for their their gold, zari, silver handwork, texture of silk and magnificent embroidery. So, don’t forget to buy one at least.

Yes, definitely Varanasi is the place of temples and ghats but one of my favorite places to visit is Sarnath.


Sarnath is the place where Lord Buddha preached for the first time after gaining enlightenment.

Sarnath is the place near by Varanasi and has famous Asoka pillar too which is now India’s national emblem.

Sarnath is also famous pilgrimage centre for Jainism. We used to sit there for hours and hours. I just loved the place.

Banaras the most Ancient city , now mostly known as Varanasi, has rich culture, also being born  there, I am a little more inclined towards the place.

Charisma of Ghats of Banaras

 The Charismatic beauty of the ghats of Banaras are difficult to explain in words. To get infatuated by the beauty of Banaras ,I tried to color the canvas.

Ghats have the unique  combination of the life and death playing together, realizing us about the biggest truth of life.

Few Ghats are having Aarti, puja and the celebration of life going on. While some another Ghat is having the cremation going day and night.

We have lots of mythological stories relating them all.

Ganga in Banaras

And, of course, our Maa Ganga,  is connecting one and all. All the day and night, People take the dip in the holy river Ganga.

Morning and Evening Aartis are major attractions to watch and definitely takes us to some another world.

Famous in Banaras

 The place is also famous for Banarasi Silk, Banaras ka paan, Banaras ka Madari, Banarasi Sadhu, hundreds of temples and also the streets of Banaras and the food and..

The list goes on with KashiVishvanath temple of Shiva, Dashashwamedh ghat, Manikarnika ghat.

And how can we forget BHU (Banaras Hindu University) as the largest residential university of Asia, Sarnath where Gautam Buddha has taught about dharma for the first time.

Also, our respected Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has also won the parliamentary elections in 2014 from Banaras by a huge margin.

So, we are hoping for the city to rise more and more maintaining its fame and name.

It is said, Once you have been there, the  place makes you think deeper about the life

Hope you will find the post useful for your next visit to Varanasi.

Thank you readers!

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