Mindful travelling in the era of climate change

What I can do for the climate change

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Climate change is the foremost global problem before all of us to deal with. All of us know that increasing temperature, global warming, rising of normal sea level, melting glaciers, increasing toxic pollutant level in our biosphere, all are bringing threat to our sustainability and for our future generations too.
Let’s us raise the voice, spread the awareness, educate the people around us and above all do the desired, first ourselves. Here, are some of the basic control measures steps for the climate change that we all can definitely look for:

  1. Big no to plastic
    As you know, plastic is the major reason for global pollution today. So, stop using plastics please, just don’t buy anymore. Avoid buying as much as you can and look for the alternative replacements like
    a) Using a recyclable cloth bag
    b) Discarding the plastic bottles and using glass, clay, stainless steel or copper utensils .
    Visit the article /plastic-pollution/

2. Alternative sources of energy
Solar energy is the best idea to decline the trend of overuse of resources. Solar panels setting up rooftop can be expensive. But with the advancement in technology, the rates of solar panels are declining, and the overall cost of installing these panels will hopefully get Minimized in the coming days.
So, why not replacing our big budget electricity bills with the energy of our hottest star.

3. Awareness among people
It is duty of every citizen to play a keyrole in spreading the awareness among the common man about the hazards of overusing our natural resources.
Just for example here, if every blog Starts releasing one post related to saving our environment once in a while then, definitely we can expect the change in the mentality of the people. All we need to start a initiative at a massive level.

4.Always go by Public transport
See, the major benefits of using public transport are:
a) Reducing pollution
b) lesser consumption of our valuable natural resources.
c) Meeting and knowing more about new people everyday and everywhere.
d) less traffic problem on the road
e) Financially saving
Or either we can use bicycles for moving to smaller distances.

5. Renewable sources of energy
As fossil fuels are soon going out of stock then we have to start looking forward for the renewable sources of energy like wind energy to run wind mills or hydroelectric power to minimize the use of fossil fuels. Why not now, if we are waiting for something to occur.

6. More vegetarian food and less meat
More consumption of meat will naturally disturb the food chain and food web.This will eventually disturb the balance of our ecosystem. So, go more for vegetarian food.

7. Food loss
This means the food loss is occuring at the production level, supply level, then at the consumer level. This is a huge irreparable loss of not only food but our resources too.
Avoid wastage of food as far as possible. So simple to do for our environment, Am I right?

8.Planting more and more trees
Cutting down trees in order to fulfill the increasing demand for building infrastructures and roads causing climate change, desertification, soil erosion, fewer crops, flooding, increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

9. Switching to electrical cars and unplug the electrical devices.
Switching to electrical cars from the fuel can be the another best alternative for the lesser consumption of resources. Always unplug the electrical devices after use.

10. Population control
And last but not the least, population explosion is also the most serious global problem that we are dealing with. Government has to take serious steps to control the population growth at a surprising rate, by promoting on the theme of one child only.

I know everyone says a lot about saving environment but practically no one cares too much.
But, we are the people who have the power of using words for the human welfare. So, let’s use our platform to control the upcoming threat for our future generations.

Please leave your suggestions in the comment box so that we can exchange our ideas.

Thank you so much for connecting with my words!

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